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BOTOX Treatment in Zionsville, IN

Watch the years fall away from your face with BOTOX treatment at our reputable center. Come to us for injections that make you look years younger.  Our board-certified dermatologist has been in practice since 2002. During that time, he has helped hundreds of patients restore their youthful beauty.

At our practice, you receive quality treatment from a qualified medical doctor at great value. We have a special offer for our patients. Let us give you 20 free units of BOTOX when you buy more than $500 worth of fillers. Schedule an appointment today with our doctor.

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BOTOX Relaxes the Muscles So No Wrinkles Appear

You do not have to live with wrinkles and frown lines—not when there is BOTOX treatment. This treatment works by relaxing the underlying muscles so they do not contract into expressions of anger, sadness, or confusion. Your face remains smooth and wrinkle-free with BOTOX.

The full name of this purified toxin is Botulinum toxin type A. Treatment involves injecting a miniscule amount into a specific muscle, blocking the movement that wrinkles skin into a frown or a squint. BOTOX is used only for certain areas that include muscles:

  • Between the Eyebrows
  • At the Corner of the Eyes
  • On the Forehead
  • On the Neck

Speedy & Convenient BOTOX Treatment 

BOTOX is a treatment that offers speed, convenience, and effectiveness for our patients. You have no down time or recovery period and the treatment only takes a few minutes. Another positive consideration is that no surgery is needed to produce beautiful results.

In fact, you begin to see the effects within just three to seven days as the toxin takes effect and the lines diminish. It keeps muscles relaxed for about three or four months. After that time, we recommend that you come back to additional injections.

Proven to be Safe & Effective

This treatment has time and numbers behind it. Since 2002, more than 11 million vials of BOTOX have been sold in this country. It is approved for use in 77 other countries as well. It is the only approved product of its kind and there is no generic equivalent. The safety and effectiveness of BOTOX have been proven in both clinical trials and peer reviews.

Other Uses for BOTOX

Most people think about the smooth, wrinkle-free skin that patients have after BOTOX injections. However, there are other applications. People who suffer from excessive sweating benefit from underarm injections. In tiny amounts, this toxin also helps people experiencing pain from migraine headaches and TMJ syndrome.

Contact us today to talk to our dermatologist about how BOTOX treatments can benefit you. At our office, we welcome patients from throughout West Lafayette, Carmel, Westfield, Lebanon, and Zionsville, Indiana.

First Tuesday is Botox Tuesday!
Botox is $10 a unit on the first Tuesday of every month.